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We all have a sphere of Light in that we are required to walk in that has been illuminated by Holy Spirit as God's perfect will for our life, and we are not to try to illumine another's walk by the light God gives us.  If one becomes affected by our light because God called them to walk in it that is God's responsibility and not ours.  We can never become another man's Holy Spirit. It is our place to walk in love balanced with grace and truth.  If our "light" does not promote love, then it is not from the Spirit of God, but is a counterfeit, a religious spirit. 
The least likely to succeed = the most likely to succeed, in Jesus. One of the things the Bible is clear about regarding God choosing those He can use is that you do not have to be professional, just available. The condemning voices of the enemy are constantly trying to discourage God's people from being what God called them to be. It seems that every time God wanted to use somebody in the Scriptures, it was the most unlikely of people He used to do the most exceptional things. Perhaps the reason is because He would then truly get the glory.
All of us have at least one thing we are standing in faith for. Day after day, we pray. We stand. We worship and we declare God's truth. Until the manifestation comes, we wait and we believe, sometimes through tears and sometimes with tenacity. Always, by His grace. This morning the Lord gave me flashbacks of moments in my life that literally changed everything. Scene after scene, I was reminded of the power that one moment holds. One word I'd waited to hear, one decision, one touch of healing, one revelation, one tragedy….life, radically impacted in an instant.
As I've walked through a lengthy transformation that included my personal and professional life over the past several years, it's been an open demonstration of walking out the prophetic word and process. God is taking His Body through healing, purging and recalibration that we may go from glory to glory experiencing Him in realness unprecedented by our past. Being one who creates the visual for others to follow is not always comfortable. Ministries tend to polish things up so they look like they planned every step out of a manual. The problem with that is that it's not real life. When others are following, they need to see exactly what will be encountered along the way. The promises function by principles we often miss and are often surrounded by pitfalls that we blindly step into in our haste.
The moment we think that something begins with us or our religious practice we need to understand that it is very likely that we have become involved within the space of a performance based religion and not a life giving grace based relationship with God. You see life begins in and within God. Forgiveness begins in and within God. Grace begins in and within God. Your true identity begins in and within God. . The Bible is clear about this when for example it tells us in 1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us." All good things come from God with no conditions attached. The Bible is clear about this. Take for example the birth of a child or better yet a time of great satisfaction given to a parent by a child.
At this point in the story we see how Satan has successfully engaged Eve in conversation, something she should have not been available for in the first place. Now we see how the serpent goes for the juggler vein, going for the kill if you will. Now he tempts Eve with the prospect of God being a liar and that she will be enlightened becoming like God.  It is the temptation, the delusion of her having something better than what she currently has. The serpent is saying, "Oh! The grass is greener on the other side and what you have is really nothing at all!" This is the false promise of better things when she already had it all.
When we coach people with the Heart Plan, the whole goal is to help them get in touch with their hearts. "Heart" is our emotions, but it's also something more. God writes His desires on our hearts in a way that they show up in our desires. As we mature, it becomes obvious when His desires and our desires overlap in a Kingdom sweet spot. That's where "life" happens. Whether it's abundance or persecution doesn't matter as much as being sons and daughters who get to do what our Father is doing. It's really fun…even if it's hard! We never connect in the first place. Many believers grow up and never learn to hear God's voice. They conclude that His will and His word are borne out of the principles of scripture and doctrine and they just set about "living by principle."
Last night as I was reading the book of Psalms I heard the Lord say that He was releasing the P.O.Ws. (Prisoners of War). A "prisoner" is someone who has been confined or imprisoned for something that they did illegally or immorally, but on the other hand, a "prisoner of war" or a "captive" is someone who has been wrongfully imprisoned. They may have been imprisoned during or immediately after an armed conflict. The Holy Spirit is about to release those of you who have been wrongfully imprisoned and taken captive by the enemy in spiritual warfare.
This is the promise, which He Himself made to us: eternal life. I John 2:25 NASU Jesus took our place in death and brought us out of death into his resurrection life. There are many exciting life giving scriptures, which support the wonderful news of a present tense available eternal life to all who will believe. (II Corinthians 5:21) (Romans 6th chapter) (I Corinthians 15th chapter) The following verse says that simply by faith in the word of God we have eternal life and are not under the judgment of God but we have passed from death unto life. Praise God Forevermore!
I am very excited about what God is speaking for the next 7 weeks, as well as the next 6 months. If you did not see my Prophetic Word for Pentecost, let me recap it. I had an encounter with the Lord on May 31, 2017, and was shown a new gate opening in the spiritual realm. The name on the gate is "Joy." The Lord spoke to me that over the next 7 weeks (now through July 19th), there is an open heaven for revelation and the release of His power. You can expect to receive repayment for the attacks of the enemy. God is now breaking the clouds of darkness and bringing people out of the wilderness, and God's light is going to shine on you in new ways.



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