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When the Spirit of the Lord leads you to do something, do you act upon it? Are you obedient to respond to the Holy Spirit? God can and does present you with opportunities to experience the abundance of His blessings, but you must step through the door. It takes an act of faith on your part to enter into His provisions. "Thus faith by itself, unaccompanied by actions, is dead." James 2:17 (CJB) "Indeed, just as the body without a spirit is dead, so too faith without actions is dead." James 2:26 (CJB)
United States citizenship comes with many freedoms. These benefits include: The Freedom to Life. The Freedom to Hold Property. The Freedom to Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness. The Freedom to Worship. These freedoms are not earned. They naturally follow from being a United States citizen. If someone is born in the United States, these benefits come with birth. A person is born into these freedoms. If someone legally migrates to the U.S., the individual must meet certain requirements in order to become a citizen; however, after obtaining citizenship, there is nothing the person must do to earn the benefits of being a United States citizen.
The past few days I have been finding dimes everywhere. Today when I found one on my seat as I began my time in the secret place, I began to ask about the symbolism God was speaking for an upcoming season. This will be a time of peace that passes understanding. That current conflict is going to come to an end. Olive branches also Biblically symbolized the end of flood. "When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth." Genesis 8:11 NIV
I sense this New Year will be like a rodeo bull ride for many of us. The stirrings, shakings and heavenly interruptions will feel like we are on a championship bull that defies us to hold onto it. We will need to learn quickly how to hold on and how to let go. This bull ride will expose what is in us. We must be fully persuaded that greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world. And that He, Christ in us, is not afraid of being bullied by any bull. After trusting the Lord with all your heart through blood, sweat and tears, with "eight" seconds of victory on a rodeo bull, when you fail to let go and exit quickly out of the electrifying arena, the bull begins to become the champion.
Recently as I sat with the Lord, I heard the Lord ask a question. "Can you smell the smell of fresh bread?" Instantly I had a vision of a huge room with huge baking ovens and I saw Jesus and the angelic hosts pulling out fresh, huge, hot bread out of the ovens. The smell was so fresh, the smell so inviting, the smell so full of life. The word "FRESH" just reverberated through my spirit. There was such invitation in the atmosphere and invitation to come into the place of FRESH BREAD. Matthew 4:4 burned in my spirit, "Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that flows from the mouth of God."
As you begin soaking in God's presence, ask Him to forgive you for being so busy and distant. Ask Him to help you silence your heart and mind so you can hear His voice. Covenant with God to seek Him and enter into the secret place. Now it is time to be marinated in God, to be saturated with the Holy Spirit. Here are some steps you can take to start a new incredible journey of sweet fellowship with God. Wait in a position of receiving, not giving. Lie on the floor in an attitude of total surrender or wait in a private place without distractions. It's usually difficult to soak at church because there's too much going on around you.
Revival is the revelation of God in irresistible power, coming alive in you and Me. What are we waiting for? When will we see? The power of revival is life changing! To be revived means to be made alive again. Revival is not some experience that is supposed to come...revival is ALREADY here for those who will apprehend it! Stop praying for revival and become it! Revival = to wake up, to invigorate, to restore yourself and the church to life, wholeness, and joy of the Holy Spirit.
There is a story in the book of Numbers when the Lord told Moses to send twelve men, one from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to spy out the land of Canaan, which is also known as the Promised Land. As I read about the giants in the land and thought about all my friends and ministers who are going through intense spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit said: "It comes with the territory." Then He said, "Go and take possession because I have made you well able to overcome."
The highlight of my fishing career came around age ten. Early before church one Sunday morning I took my Batman kiddie rod and a whopper of a grasshopper out to my grandparents' pond. I wanted to try my luck before leaving for church. To my surprise, the line took off, dragging me right along with it. Seeing my struggle, my Dad quickly came to assist, sloshing into the mud in his Sunday best. I'm sure the soggy bank of the pond ruined his dress shoes. He wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by for me, though, even if it meant getting down in the mud.
Agreement in prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we can use – such an amazing promise that Jesus gave us.  He told us that when we come together "in agreement" that He would be there in the midst of us. We should always want Jesus to be with us in this way.  When we come together in agreement God honors the prayer and brings forth the promise. Matthew 18:19-20 "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."






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