For those who are looking for an increase of favor and opportunity in the assignments God has given you, focus your attention on the first fruit crop that will open the way for greater harvest and production. Many of you have been given a commission and assignment from heaven and are looking for more connections and opportunities to grow that which has been planted in your heart. However, the Lord is encouraging you to pay more attention to bearing good fruit than on establishing a production platform. It is the first fruit itself that will draw heaven's favor and create a larger platform for growth.
There is a lot to be excited about starting in the month of June. It is the time of Pentecost when God sent the power of the Holy Spirit to Earth in Acts 2.  "Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit." Acts 1:4–5 NIV This originally occurred during the Jewish Feast of Weeks and is celebrated by the Christian Church as Pentecost Sunday. This year these times fall on June 8–10. The Lord told me to expect a powerful time this year. 
I couldn't help but notice how beautiful and refreshed this morning felt. I just left the house to go pick up breakfast, and the ground is still wet from the previous night's storm. It's like everything has been washed. It's in the mid-60s, and the sun is shining. I'm feeling happy, and then I remember the headline I read upon waking up earlier: "Two children killed in tornado."  It stormed all last night. The evidence was in my front yard. A huge limb had broken free and fallen to the ground. Fortunately, we dodged any damage. 
On May 20, 2019, I awakened to a startling dream of people being in a cafeteria in what appeared to be a contemporary hotel. They were getting their food on trays and seating themselves. I was also in line to get some food when I looked out the window of the cafeteria and saw a horrific sight. The windows were halfway covered with sea water and there were people laying on rafts that appeared to be like large dead sea animals resembling whales. The people could not keep their grip on the rafts and kept falling off them and each time they fell off or their arms or legs got in the water they were being eaten by sharks. I was sick to my stomach and tried to find a way to rescue them but as I looked around no one seemed to care as they ate their food and continued to talk and just watch this massacre outside in the water.
Rejection is a lying spirit that draws us into thinking in a way that is contrary to what the Word of God states. Rejection plagues most people and has been built up as a stronghold in many people's lives. It creates disunity in relationships, destroys destinies, and releases bitterness, resentment, and offense. Acknowledging that you are suffering from rejection is the first step in removing this hindrance from your life. Recognizing rejecting thoughts, casting them down, and taking them captive will be instrumental in receiving your deliverance. Second Corinthians 10:5 (NASB) instructs us to "take every thought captive."
Once was enough, but if I had to, I would willingly choose to do it again just for you. Most do not begin to understand the love that I have for each one of you. My love is not based upon feelings, but upon the foundation of love: Me. All the suffering I endured was for your good. You are the beneficiary of My goodness. And all My benefits I give to you. These benefits are not temporal, but they are eternal. My Word is forever, My promise is sure and My will is sealed with My blood.
One of the keys to the kingdom is knowing God works through voluntary sons, who in turn work out of the desires Father wrote in their hearts (Jer. 31:33-34; Heb. 8:10-11). There is a distinct authenticity that is readily apparent in sons connecting with their hearts. Plus, it's fun! The blueprint for our kingdom assignment is both in our hearts and God's heart. I'll find the same thing in both places. Is it easy to figure out what that is? No! Most people struggle, and many give up and never connect with either their hearts or God's heart in a way that causes their life, ministry, and vocation to become an integral story that produces fruit and leads to an intentional objective.
You can either be a well for God or you can drink from the fountain. God is saying, "I want to make you a well." God has many different kinds of wells, and He wants you to be a well. I had a vision of a prophetic word that was given to me just a couple of weeks ago when I was in Mission. I was so filled with the wine of the Holy Spirit, and I was talking about dignity. I said, "Would you lose your dignity for the presence of God?" Then right in the middle of my message, I made this statement, "I don't just want to put my face in the well of God. I don't just want to drink from the well of God. In fact, I am getting so hungry and desperate for Jesus, I want to fall in the well. Then when I fall in the well, I want to swim down to the bottom of the well, and that's where I want to live. I want to be like Gideon in the winepress. I want to be at the bottom of the winepress."
I was listening to a radio program the other day while driving in my car and the pastor teaching said two main things.  He said salvation and regular church attendance go together and that Christians don't evangelize enough or share their faith. He claimed the average Christian has never led anyone to Christ.  First, I would like to say that you are not saved by attending a church.  Yes, if you are saved you should try attending a church but if you don't attend a church contrary to what the pastor says it does not mean you are not saved.  
Years ago, the Lord made it clear to me that what He speaks to me isn't merely for me alone. Yes, He frequently talks to me as a personal friend and we chat about private matters but even in the midst of those chats when He brings about revelation to me, there is something within it that can be passed along to others for their inspiration also. I don't always share every word publicly as there are some, which are given in regards for sharing more on a relational level amongst a more intimate setting as with well-known friends.