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Before I share the following I'm going to ask two things from all who read this:  First, please pray for me after you read it. Second, please only speak the victory and not the problem. Last October my husband and I went to NY. We were staying at Long Island so the beach was within walking distance from where we were. One day I decided to walk to the ocean. It was about a three mile walk and a little cold and windy but I love to walk so I put my hat and jacket on but didn't have any gloves with me.
Sometimes destiny unfolds in the most unusual circumstances. For me, everything changed when we moved back to the States, after serving on the mission field for nine years. We decided to move to California and become members of our dream church, Bethel. I was thrilled! Little did I know that a life-changing adventure was about to begin. The journey with the Lord always guides us beyond ourselves. It leads us away from our "do" and straight into our "who." This was exactly what I was about to discover.
Much is shifting in the Kingdom right now, with many practical ramifications in every mountain of our cultures. It is spring in America, a season for new beginnings. At a personal level, servants who have emphasized discipline and obedience are being invited to become friends and transition into God's Kingdom with passion and participation. We are no longer imitations of Jesus,we are His incarnations.

Let's contrast the old with the new. In the first century, Gnosticism or dualism was a false doctrine that taught, "everything spiritual is good and everything in the natural is bad." Material possessions, wealth, sex, culture, etc. were thought to be nothing more than carnal expressions of our sinful, fleshly nature.
"Why is it that when I get physically hurt, I can receive healing right away, but emotional hurts hang on for months?" my friend Jill asked me. I answered with a question: "What do you do when you need a physical healing?" Jill thought for a while. "When my father was visiting me," she replied, I made the mistake of mounting one of the horses while we were in the barn. The horse reared up, and I fell off.
Every month I receive scores of letters from believers who are distraught, despairing, depressed and disillusioned. Sometimes, this can become overwhelming and requires me to "go up higher" in order to get above the noise and the atmosphere of hopelessness to find truth and greater revelation of the goodness of God and His perspective. This morning as I allowed the Spirit to usher me into His tabernacle I began to experience the contrast between heaven and earth.
As I prepared to encourage people in a new season of harvest for America I kept seeing, in my spirit, an Awakening angel assigned to awaken a new season of Harvest time and revival in America. This angel was dressed in old, as in patriotic times. What came to mind was the beginning of the first thirteen colonies and the birth of America's independence and the first great Awakening. This angel was red, white and blue with a large sickle in his hand. I believe we are in a new season where we will learn to partner with the Angels that gather.
If you find yourself going through a battle where you feel you are losing control, know that it is just the enemy pulling out his big guns against you. He knows he is losing you and he is doing all he can to stop what is happening in your life. He knows that when your God accomplishes His mission in you and through you that He will receive great glory and that his kingdom is coming down. But just know that going through the transition of going to higher levels in Me is not an easy task to accomplish. It takes much warfare and trust in your heart to continue to press through to get to the other side.
I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that this is the season of the open door! I am opening new doors for you that were once shut. The pain, lack, frustration, and limitations you have experienced will be left behind as you step through the door that is open. The door will be grand. It is time to embrace this new season with celebration and anticipation of what is to come! You will not have to knock on doors in this season. You won't have to make it happen.
On Feb. 17, 1967, exactly 50 years ago this month, a miracle happened near Pittsburgh that the world has largely ignored. It happened at a small Catholic retreat center called The Ark and the Dove, where a group of students from Duquesne University had gathered for a weekend of prayer. Suddenly, and without any warning, those students were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Patti Gallagher Mansfield, one of the first students to experience this outpouring of the Spirit, says she knew something remarkable and otherworldly had happened.
Some of you feel like you've been wrestling with God so long now that you feel like you just can't do it any longer. Your hip hurts, your heart hurts, and it's been a long, long night. Much like Jacob, you are striving and wrestling with God, not wanting to let go until He blesses you. But you're tired and you're weary; you don't know if you can hold on another moment. But rest assured that you will prevail: "Your name shall no longer be called Jacob [deceiver], but Israel [strives with God], for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed" (Genesis 32:18 AMP).



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