There seems to be a recurring topic that continues to come up in my life—the balance between contentment and goals. Do I appreciate what I have, and am I working towards something meaningful that forces me to grow? An either/or approach never works. On one hand, you lend yourself to apathy and stagnation. On the other, you live under the tyranny of nothing ever being enough, endless striving that costs you something you never intended. I don't pretend to have this figured out. Every once in a while, I sense the alignment between the two within myself, but it's normally a fleeting moment followed by the pendulum tipping back towards one side.
There is a specific assignment of the enemy targeting many right now who are on assignment from the Lord, pioneering with Him the new thing that He is doing, and the enemy has come hard against them. I saw such intimidation coming against these ones and it is to cause you to 'come off the wall' and to withdraw. The push against you is to cause you not to PUSH THROUGH with the assignment the Lord has given you.
I was recently walking up to the doors of our ministry center and had a prophetic vision. In the vision, I could see a company of angels standing over our building. Each of the angels was holding a large jar of beautiful oil, and it seemed as if they were about to pour them out. This vision confirmed many prophecies about our personal ministry and what God has promised to do in our region. However, I believe this is also a prophetic sign for the entire remnant.
Throughout the years, I have discovered that the average Christian, along with many ministers, lack a biblical worldview. When I use the term "biblical worldview," I'm referring to the practice of interpreting life through the lens of Scripture. That is to say, your view of such issues as politics, the sanctity of life, marriage, economics, education, science, the law and so on, should derive from biblical principles. The average believer usually has only a piecemeal understanding of Scripture, instead of a comprehensive world and life view. As a result, we have seen the church become irrelevant in the public square.
Even though at this time everything seems to be disrupted by the plans and purposes of the enemy you must remember and know that I am involved in everything you go through and am working together all things for your good. Rest in the working process that I use to conform you into My image.  How do you know that your faith is genuine unless I take you through the fire to purge out all the dross? Rest in the way I do things, for My ways are so much higher than man.  Rest in everything that I allow you to experience for through the trials you see Me work miracles, signs, and wonders.
Communion with God is so important for our lives. It is true that the love of God is beyond comprehension and very much intoxicating.  Just tasting of the depths of His love through our devotion to Him is totally transforming.  As we continue to spend time with Him we are sowing into a life that has the deepest and richest eternal reward – even in this present life. As we taste of His goodness we keep coming back for more! What we reap back is a life filled with the reality of His love, saturated with His Presence along with blessings that cannot be numbered – because we are placing the highest value on spending time with Him. Enjoy God Always!
In these days with the world filled with adversity, uncertainty & chaos, the Lord flooded me with His Powerful Peace & Presence as He highlighted these 4 important points to tip the scales on the right side, bringing His Righteousness, Peace, Prosperity & Joy. I always love when I remember God has numbered the very hairs on my head, and that He continually is thinking wonderful things about me. He loves to get the Glory by pruning things back to the bare roots and then He does something spectacular beyond what I can imagine or think, bringing in a huge harvest.
For the past several months we have been experiencing civil unrest and lawlessness in our country on so many levels. Sin is running rampant and in the natural it appears as if the enemy is gaining ground. For those who have spiritual eyes to see understand that we are not fighting a physical battle but a spiritual battle. Some people are being shaken to the core by what is happening, but then there are those who are walking by faith and not by sight. They are tenacious and steadfast in their faith pursuing the plan of God that they have been contending for. They trust in Jesus and are not moved by what they see.
I wrote the following prophetic word last week before the President and First Lady contracted the coronavirus. As you will read in this prophetic word, I had a heads up from the Lord and prior to any of this happening, I heard the Lord on Yom Kippur September 28, to raise up an army to pray for what is coming in October. Four days later COVID-19 hit the White House. Lord we pray for President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and the entire White House staff. We ask for divine healing and full recovery.
This is a warning to those who feel victimized, oppressed or disenfranchised. Be careful what you give your allegiance to and where you put your focus. Your quest for justice is opening the door to seducing spirits. Our culture is screaming at you to voice your pain. If you have felt victimized, you are being told that justice will be only found by pouring out the wrongs you have suffered and the inequalities endured by the sins of others. Whether it's racial discrimination, gender bias, financial disproportion or some other personal disappointment, your constant declaration of injustice is supposed to somehow set you free. Instead, this misguided devotion to your pain is leading you into a trap.