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Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 4, 2020
Dear Jeremy Lopez, I have to say thank you to God that he gave you such a anointing gift that you have been helping so many people just like me. Recently I went into listen to my prophetic word that you sent to me some time ago... now it is all happening. shaking off the toxic relationship, doors open from God for my provision and ministry. God has taken me to love people that I could not even can imagine i could do that. He has take me to a level of where love is no judgement. the inside of his heart and passion for his people is embossed in my heart and knowledge of understanding how he loves us.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 30, 2020
Good morning Jeremy
Thank you for the prophetic word you gave me on 28/06 . It was 100% accurate as if I told you my concerns. It is true I've been very frustrated, been filling like I'm suffocating and I had planned to discontinue with the present fellowship but was not sure what God is saying.
So when you mentioned " burn the bridge "I did not understand the phrase. I Google it and was so relieved to know that it means exactly what I've been planning to do.
I praise and thank God for you my prophet.
I did not hesitate to buy the course you suggested "School of purpose "
God bless you Jeremy
From Nancy UK
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 15, 2020
Dear Jeremy, Thank you for the awesome prophetic word, it was very accurate for my life right now in this season. I'm very thankful for you obedience to seek the Lord you are a blessing to many.
Nancy P. Post
November 5, 2019
Dear Jeremy. Thank you for the prophetic word. It came very fast within few hours. It was very accurate and comforting.
You mentioned my weeping which was true at the time of requesting the prophetic word I was feeling so discouraged, hurting wondering why am I forsaken. Thank you for the encouraging word. I receive it wholeheartedly
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 23, 2019
Thank the Lord for the bulls-eye prophetic word. I am a pastor and was getting a little discouraged in my ministry but the word has lifted me up. Also, I know this is the Lord because I just graduated from seminary school on May 11th and got my Doctorate Degree in Biblical counseling and you were talking about how God gives me the ability to draw things to me. Well guess what I did my 50,000 word dissertation on for my doctorate? It was a critical analysis of how to use prayer, meditation and confession to maneuver and operate between two worlds and how it affects our quality of life here on earth. I used scientific evidence to show the power of attraction and how when you combine these three, quality of life on earth is improved dramatically. Also you said I was going to be promoted and God is about to upgrade me and it was like I was in an airplane being upgraded to 1st class. Well, this weekend I was supposed to be flying economy and each time I flew I was upgraded for free. Even my hotel stay was upgraded for free and the Lord had ministered to me the same thing that this was a sign that he was upgrading me. Wow! To God Be the glory!
Gang Bok C. Post
April 16, 2019
First, I want to say thank you to Dr. Jeremy Lopez. I actually got his prophetic words 3 times every month since last February. It was so accurate! For me, it was a great confirmation for my life journey.
Joyce P. Post
April 15, 2019
The word I received was a confirmation and reminder of previous prophecies that I had received in the past that I had not remembered. As I searched back on my old prophecies I realized that God is still doing a work in my life and the time is now for the shift to occur. It's daunting and exciting at the same time. Thank you for using this gift of God for his glory. God bless you!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 10, 2019
I had my first coaching call with Jeremy during a time of great crisis. I knew God was in control, but I very much needed confirmation and additional insight as to what was occurring. The words received and prayers offered during the the call helped tremendously and offered the answers I sought. The Holy Spirit was decidedly present, and the resulting peace was amazing!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 25, 2018
I am very thankful for Dr. Jeremy Lopez, who spoke an incredibly accurate prophetic word over me. I placed my request Saturday morning (Nov 24) and did not expect to hear back from him until next week. Then I started pouring out my heart to God. By around 4pm that afternoon, I received an email from this ministry. I was very surprised because it was a long holiday weekend. Through this anointed prophet, God answered nearly all the questions I asked Him just hours before - even in the same order! I have never experienced anything like this. I wish I had known about this ministry earlier but there is a time for everything. Thank you again for sharing your gifts!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 8, 2018
Just to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Jeremy Lopez and this amazing ministry. Every prophetic Word I have received has been incredibly detailed and accurate. At times I have been brought to tears in joyful praise as I think of how the Lord is ever-present in my life as revealed by the prophetic Words. I have received great hope and my faith is strengthened. You are a tremendous blessing, Dr. Jeremy.
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