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CEternal Salvation to All Those Who Obey Him (E-Book PDF Download) by Richard Spencer Blauvelt - Click To Enlarge
Eternal Salvation to All Those Who Obey Him (E-Book PDF Download) by Richard Spencer Blauvelt
Richard Spencer Blauvelt - (SKU#: NM61436)

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Obedience: a very unpopular topic, in the end times worldly church! Look in a bookstore, Christian catalog or on online how many books there are on obedience to God and obeying His commands in worship and life? None you say? Does that mean Satan is alive and well in the latter days, deceiving even Christian authors, publishers, and buyers that obedience is now old fashion? This book: "Eternal Salvation to all who Obey Him," from Hebrews 5:9 is a rare book of this century and the latter apostate days of the church. It honors God. It shows not only how obedience is permeated throughout the Christian life, but that we are saved by obedience to His commands. Jesus predicted many false teachers, in the end times, which became true. False doctrines like Calvinism, Antinomianism, once saved always saved, eternal security, etc. have taken over God's main theme in Holy Scripture - obedience.
There are over 200 Scriptures in the New Testament alone on obedience. Is Jesus really your LORD? Can you prove you love Jesus (John 14:15) and know Jesus (1 John 2:3-6) by your obedience? Will you really go to heaven as shown in the Book of Revelation? (Revelation 14:12?) We need a revival in the world to get back to the basics of Christianity and God's people. We must get back to the responsibility of man as God has commanded, and that is to live by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God! We must refute Satan and his false teachings in these latter days. We must learn the tricks and deceptions of Satan and make the Word our final authority. We must know that Satan can easily deceive those who do not make God's Word their final authority in life. We must obey God rather than man!

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