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A Biblical Basis of Healing (Teaching DVD) by Randy Clark
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A Biblical Basis of Healing
Teaching DVD
by Randy Clark

"There..there it is, take it. The power of God is all over you! In the name of Jesus I ask for Your healing power to fall.saturate.consume; make him whole!"

As Randy Clark utters yet another powerful prayer, this meeting, similar to his others, promises to be filled with tremendous works of healing and awesome manifestations of the Lord. 

An international itinerate ministry birthed from a 4-day retreat in Canada, Randy Clark illustrates perfectly the aphorism, "don't despise small beginnings." The son of a poor oil-worker, Randy, like most from his generation, learned the importance of perseverance.

For 18 long years he struggled with his purpose, his calling, but then, after his miraculous healing from a car accident, he felt led to go into the ministry. Since that day, Nov. 20th, 1970, Randy's involvement in ministry soared. Shortly after graduating with a B.S. in Religious Studies, Randy went on to receive his Masters of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before graduating from seminary with his M.Div, Randy had already been a pastor for 7 years. 

Although Randy's educational background helped him battle many theological issues his congregation would have, his schooling did nothing to prepare him for the despair he felt when the presence of God had left. This despair would promise to be the fulcrum point in Randy's ministry. 

After months of prayer and fasting, Randy got touched by the Lord mightily. And, on January 20, 1994, this unassuming pastor from St. Louis walked into a small storefront church near the Toronto airport. Originally scheduled for 4 days, his meetings have turned into a worldwide revival that has impacted millions of people! 

Now an international speaker, Randy Clark demonstrates the Lord's sovereign power to heal, with great tenacity. With more than 30 years of pastoral experience, Randy's love for people exudes. The length of time he stays with the hurting and broken confounds the mind, praying sometimes for hours with one person. 

Randy's anointing in healing is only surpassed by his unmistakable teaching gift. Using his extensive educational background, Randy delineates even the most difficult concepts to the lay person. Messages like God Can Use Little Ole Me, which illustrates the agonies of defeat and the thrills of victory inherent in the healing ministry and Spend and Be Spent, a call to capture your destiny, make it easy to see where Randy's heart resides

Toronto airport, originally scheduled for 4 days,  these meetings have turned into a worldwide revival that has impacted millions!

Because of his uncanny humility, Randy's ministry crosses denominational lines. From the Westminster Chapel in London, to the St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Australia, Randy has been welcomed into a plethora of different streams. 

Randy has come a long way since his birth in the church. Like many Christians, he suffered persecution, experienced failures, and witnessed disappointments, but Randy let none of these detour his heart's course. He stood steadfast in his beliefs and resolved to see the Lord's blessing in his life. 

As Randy stands at the platform, voice boisterous and arms animated, the shadow of the man Randy used to be has vacated, replaced with the visage of a man self-affirmed and confident in his place with the Lord. 

Since that life-changing night, January 20, 1994, Randy has traveled to over 36 countries and continues to travel extensively to see that God's mandate on his life be fulfilled. He resides in Harrisburg, PA, with his wife, DeAnne, and 4 children: Joshua, Johannah, Josiah, and Jeremiah.






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