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CThe Supernatural Life Package - Save 30% NOW - BOOKS by Bobby Conner and Kevin Dedmon - Click To Enlarge
The Supernatural Life Package - Save 30% NOW - BOOKS by Bobby Conner and Kevin Dedmon
Bobby Conner and Kevin Dedmon - (SKU#: NM37908)

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The Supernatural Life Package

2 Books

God's Supernatural Power

by Bobby Conner
reg. $15.99

Unlocking Heaven: Keys to Living Naturally Supernatural

by Kevin Dedmon
reg. $16.99

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God's Supernatural Power

by Bobby Conner


Heaven and hell pose the same question to each of us. The Spirit of God and the devil alike want to know: "Who do you think you are?"

It is an important question, and the eternal destiny of millions rides on the answer. The Body of Christ today is having an identity crisis of unprecedented proportions. If we are to fulfill our spiritual destiny, we must know who we are. But first we must understand who Christ is - only in relation to Him can we comprehend our true spiritual identity.

Although we are made in God's image, He made us unique. God delights to display Himself in our individuality - He loves diversity.

Discover who you are through God's Supernatural Power - today!

But truly I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord, And of justice and might...(Micah 3:8).


Unlocking Heaven

Keys to Living Naturally Supernatural

by Kevin Dedmon


Keys to Living Supernaturally

Leak Him Out to People Around You!

    With a confident smile, the Dali Lama follower asked, "How do you heal people?" I explained, "I invite God's presence into me, and then I leak Him out to people around me. When His presence touches people with things like cancer, asthma, broken bones, blindness, deafness, and deformities, they often get healed."

Through years of personal experiences and witnessing supernatural healings, the author offers keys to living naturally supernatural. This book is an invaluable resource for those pursuing a life beyond the ordinary. Each page will release an impartation propelling you to the next levels as a world-changer revivalist.

Discover the meaning of:

    * Drive-by Healings.

    * Prophesying to the Bones.

    * Prayers that Unlock Heaven.

    * Hungering for Breakthrough.

    * Predestined Purposes.

God's joy cannot be contained; it must leak out of us like streams of living water. This principle is key to living a naturally supernatural life. Drinking and leaking God's presence will change the world around you!

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