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Cover The Earth (2 Teaching CD Series) by Doug Fortune
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IN CHRIST International

Please allow us to introduce the ministry of IN CHRIST International and Doug Fortune to you.

In addition to the international ePublication and website, IN CHRIST International is a ‘present truth’ ministry helping churches transition into and be established in the Apostolic / Prophetic. This trans-local apostolic ministry is raised up for equipping and edifying the saints through ministry engagements such as conferences or ministry in your local fellowship, regardless of size of your group or conference.

Doug Fortune's ministry is that of a teaching apostle and he is available to minister either individually or with a team. Through teaching present truths that are being revealed by the Holy Spirit, he is able to impart vision and practical spiritual substance to churches and leaders. This enables individuals and leaders that are hungry to bring themselves and their people to the 'place' God desires for them. These truths are more than informational, they are transformational.

Doug does not charge a fee to minister, but comes on a love-offering basis. We do ask that you provide for travel expenses and accomodations. He is willing to serve your ministry while trusting the Lord to meet the needs of IN CHRIST International. We are sensitive to your desires and particular situation, as our aim is to understand the specific needs of your group, so we may minister most effectively.

We have made it easy for you to book a ministry engagement with IN CHRIST International with our on-line Ministry Inquiry. Click here for Ministry Inquiry

Some of the areas we can help your group grow in are:

* Dynamics of the Third Day Church- 'Third Day' is more than a buzz word. The dynamics of this present truth are transforming and empowering for the Body of Christ.

* Personal and Corporate Breakthrough- Understanding the spiritual process that releases the 'Breaker' anointing.

* Spiritual Warfare- Understanding and releasing effective and powerful spiritual warfare based upon our position in Christ and the 'finished work' of Jesus Christ on the cross.

* Releasing Individual and Corporate Destiny- Tapping into the truths of God-ordained destiny to bring powerful release of the 'abiding anointing' in individuals and churches.

* Intimacy with God- Intimacy is not just an emotional release, it is an 'into-ME-see' based relationship with our Lord that releases His 'Divine Intervention' in our lives.

* Third Day Worship Teams- Having served as a worship leader for 20 years, Doug brings spiritual and practical insight to help equip worship teams for this new day.

* Third Day Leadership Teams- Understanding and functioning in 'corporate anointing' as 'Sons of Zadok'.

Doug Fortune shares, "I love the account of Gideon and his three hundred driving out the Midianites. I love the method the Father chose also: Shatter the earthen vessels to show forth the light within them while sounding the trumpet. What a way to drive out Midianite oppression! Such is the mission of IN CHRIST International; to drive out Midianite mentalities that keep us from our destiny, to help bring individual and corporate transformation by the renewing of our minds. The method that the Father has chosen for us to facilitate this is as follows: Shattering the mental strongholds of the ‘earthen vessel’ of the Adam nature, allowing the Light of Christ within us to shine forth while sounding the prophetic ‘trumpet’ of God’s purposes in the earth.”

We have made it easy for you to book a ministry engagement with IN CHRIST International with our on-line Ministry Inquiry. Click here for Ministry Inquiry

Here are some testimonies characteristic of correspondence we receive on a regular basis:

This is from an apostle in South Carolina-
Apostle Doug Fortune came to our church with a mighty and refreshing flow of Spirit-born revelation mixed with an exhilarating joy, bringing clarity of purpose and destiny to our people. His personality is inviting and relaxed, while his delivery of present truth is unmistakably and richly life-transforming. During the weekend that Doug was with us, we sat at the King's table and feasted until we were full. When we left the table, we knew that we would never be the same again.
Apostle J.H. - South Carolina

This is from a pastor in Finland-
Helloo Doug,
I want to tell you that something happen to me when I read your book, I have been crying so much. I was looking all the time at the Bible in the same time reading your book and I get so much revelation, revelation just come to me. I am so gratefully for all what you did for me and through me for another people, because I am going to give that to all I know.
Thank you Doug for everything.
E.S. - Finland

This is from a pastor in California, USA after one of our conferences-
The last week of my life has been nothing short of a miracle! I attended a series of meetings which were diverse from one another yet explosive. The men that lead the conference were a new breed of warriors that I have not seen or met in a long time. They had fire, wisdom and many awesome gifts operating in their lives. God confirmed my place in Him and the ministry that he has called me to. I saw excellent balance in the message that was given through the entire meeting.

This is from a pastor in Argentina-
Dear Doug,
I’m Alejandro and I want to give you thanks for your advice, mi life have change after it. After it the Lord start to use me in a diffrent way in my church, and the Lord used me ministring the people with the fire of the Spirit and with prophetic words and it was the glory of God. Doug, here in Argentina you have a brother for anything you want , do you think to come to ministry here?
A.C.- Argentina

We have made it easy for you to book a ministry engagement with IN CHRIST International with our on-line Ministry Inquiry.
Click here for Ministry Inquiry



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