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Experiencing Fathers Embrace (book) by Jack Frost
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Experiencing Father's Embrace is an excellent resource for anyone interested in growing or ministering in the Father's love message. The author's style of writing makes this book easy to read, yet it is one of the most thorough and profoundly impacting books available on knowing God as a Father.

The nature of our society is in direct contrast to the wisdom put forth by Jack Frost in his book. In a culture that values above all else the performance and success of the individual over and above their relational health. The understanding that God’s love for us is not affected by either our performance or our success is a much need dose of reality for all of us who live in a performance based culture. God’s unconditional love for His sons and daughters is the one thing that can free us from the bondage of this cultural ideal.

In developing his theology of the Father’s love Jack Frost, first points us to the fact that "we were created by God to receive love and to express love” (23), However due to the impact of sin our created nature is bent to "believe the worst about God” (23). It is because of our sinful nature we require a supernatural renewal in order to begin to give and receive love like we were created to. It is the Holy Spirit who effects this supernatural change in our nature. Jack points to four key principles that form the foundation of our ability to experience genuine intimacy in our relationships both with God and with others.
1. Self-image helps determine our level of intimacy.
"There is no way you can enjoy normal relations with others if you view yourself different from the way God views you.”(25)
2. You must recognize your need for intimacy.
A. "You were not created to live apart from God or others” (27)
B. "As human beings God created us with the need for intimacy-to know and be known.”(27)
C. "We must realize that we cannot meet all of our needs on our own” (27)
3. Embrace your responsibility for intimacy.
A. "It is your responsibility to choose to allow intimacy to become priority in your life” (31)
B. "Both men and women are to understand the importance of fostering intimacy in their lives and assume responsibility for taking the steps necessary to achieve it.” (32)
4. Find your value and self worth in being who God created you to be.
"God’s love not your achievements is what will fill the void in your life. When you truly grasp His deep and intimate love for you it will fill you up to such an extent that the most natural thing in the world will be for you to share that love with everyone you meet.” (33)

The ability to walk these principles out in life in very difficult, if you have not first experienced the impact of unconditional love, we must allow ourselves to be comforted by Father if want to be able to experience the joy that comes from being able to give out unconditional love to hose around us. It is through our own personal experience with the unconditional love of the Father that we are able to then begin to give that love away. We need to allow "Father to touch the deep places” (36) in our souls and to fill our hearts so full of His love that we can’t help but give it away.
As we begin to understand and experience more and more of the Father’s love for us, the more and more we begin to understand and experience ourselves. In seeing ourselves the way the father sees us, we begin to break free form the idea that our success in the determining factor in how much worth we have. By walking in the knowledge that our worth resides in the fact that our Father in heaven considers us His favourite son’s and daughters, we avoid the trap set by Satan. The trap that says we determine our self-worth by our actions and our performance and that God although He loves us is still vaguely disappointed with us. The truth is that no matter what we accomplish in life our worth in the eyes of God will never increase or decrease. If we were of so much value and worth to the Father that while we were still sinners, still His enemies, He sent His only son to die for us, what can we do to increase or decrease our worth in His eyes? The answer is of course nothing. Let us then begin to accept the rest that comes from knowing that he Father loved us, loves us and will love us always no matter what.
Jack Frost provides some questions that are very helpful in encouraging us to look at these issues. So take some time to read and contemplate them over the next couple of days!
1. What kinds of lies or ungodly beliefs about intimacy have you bought into? How can God’s love change your way of thinking those areas
2. What things cause you to feel good about yourself? Do you ever try to earn God’s love and acceptance? If so, how can God’s unconditional grace change this performance orientation?
3. What are you hiding behind that may be standing in the way of genuine intimacy with your mate and/or family? How can you humble yourself and allow God to restore communion in your relationship?
4. Are there any events in your past for which your may have received some healing or deliverance, but not the comfort of your loving heavenly Father? How can you humbly position yourself to begin to accept His comfort for those painful events in your life?

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