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Kim Clement Live-New York-(music 2 CD set)-Kim Clement
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It was with much hesitation and with very mixed emotions that I finally decided to release this album. On one hand, I was thrilled that the recording equipment was in place to capture those "special moments" that are so much a part of our meetings. So many of these moments have been lost over the years, especially in Detroit where we have been laboring since 1995. Under the prophetic anointing, where the Spirit of God is present, anything can happen – and it usually does. It was with great joy and excitement that we listened back to and relived these special times when the heart of God was touched and drawn from.

On the other hand, it is a very naked feeling. Because of the skill the Lord has given us, many people don't realize that these songs and compositions are being "birthed" spontaneously right there on the platform. Often this happens in the midst of extreme spiritual opposition and utter chaos. This is both the pain and the pleasure of prophetic ministry. Since we don't know where we are going, often one song falls apart and another one falls together, as the mood of the Spirit changes. Warfare leads to victory, victory to joy, joy to intimate communion, and so on. In the midst of this chaos, our humanity shows. We had considered going back and "perfecting" some of the pieces that were born prophetically, but ultimately decided that the perfection of this music was in its imperfection. Much like the prophetic lifestyle – yielded to the Spirit and Voice of God, ready for change at a moment's notice.

Some choruses may seem repetitious or long to the casual listener. We challenge you to enter in to this musical journey not as simple entertainment, but as a quest for the mind of the Holy Spirit, the Heart of Jesus Christ and the Voice of the Father. It is our hope that you will be enriched and drawn closer to Him and His Kingdom which is inside of You.

In His Love,
Kim Clement

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I Saw You
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About the Prophet

Kim Clement operates in the office of a New Testament prophet – Eph. 4:11. Throughout both the Old and New Testaments, God has used His prophets to write, speak and sing His word – Amos 3:7.

None of the words or music recorded in this collection were pre-planned or rehearsed. Everything that you hear Kim and his prophetic team sing or play was spontaneously birthed by the Spirit of the Lord in the course of praise and worship.

Please keep in mind that when a prophet speaks or sings in the first person, they are actually being used as an oracle of God to speak to you.






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