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By Pablo Giacopelli
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What mankind wants is not talent; it is purpose. - Edward G Bulwer-Lytton?
Each part of you was customized and carefully put together to be able to support you in your quest to fulfill the specific purpose of your life. If you ever have a chance to see your family tree from generations past you will appreciate just how complex this process has been. In some cases people have been brought together from opposite sides of the world so that the exact talents and uniqueness about you could all be brought together in a custom made individual. Ellen Caddy said, "A human being is a single being.  Unique and unrepeatable."
In the video you just watched you saw several top sports personalities. Each of them famous and extremely successful in their respective disciplines. As you watched the video you would have immediately recognized most of them and remembered what it was that they were great at. You maybe have even remembered a specific time when you watched them perform live or on TV.
A Journey of Discovery
Now I would like you to imagine for a minute if the roles in the video were reversed and suddenly Roger Federer would be playing basketball and Kobe Bryant playing tennis, or the Kenyan runners would attempt to play soccer and Ronaldinho became a marathon runner what would happen. You would probably find that they would do well at their new discipline as they are all gifted athletes, however they would not have the same ability to flow and excel as they did in their own disciplines. Yes they would be good but they would not be great. Yes they would work hard but they would find it awkward as if somehow they were trying to fit a square socket into a round hole. They would feel the same way most of us feel everyday as we try and make this life of ours work in the wrong places with the wrong approach.
You see our journey needs to be seen as one of discovery and not one of constant change and improvement. When we focus on constantly changing ourselves, the changes last for a while but they are not transforming. This is because most of them are manipulative and forcefully done so we can fit into a certain mold that will inevitably cease to be there as soon as we become exhausted from the energy this kind of approach requires to be kept abreast. An alternative way is to approach our journey with curiosity by focusing on a path of discovery where we will instead change indirectly as new parts in us will be activated as they are found. The beauty of this kind of journey is that it will be a lasting change as the new discoveries will be a natural extension of who we were always meant to be instead of self or otherwise imposed. Sidney Madwed said, "If you want to be truly successful invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find/discover your unique factor, When you find it and focus on it and persevere your success will blossom."
Do Not Alter
There is no such a thing as an illegitimate child. There are only illegitimate parents. You were born on purpose. You were not a mistake. You were chosen and wonderfully customized with every detail in mind so that you could fill a need in the world that was created especially for you.
There is evidence everywhere that every one of us has been custom made. Our DNA is one of these phenomenons. So unique is this part of us that it led to one of the major breakthroughs we have had in the last decades which is DNA testing. This is only possible because each of us has a unique and different DNA.
The three letters DNA stand for deoxyribonucleic acid in the scientific community. For the rest of us it should mean Do Not Alter. Do Not Alter who you are. Do Not Alter who you were meant to be. Do Not Alter by trying and be someone you are not. Fall in love with who you are and be open and curious to go on this journey of discovery where you will never stop finding out how many unique and wonderful things there are about you.
I will never forget the scene in the famous movie Chariots of Fire when the runner tells his friend that yes he will go away to China as a missionary but that he must first do a lot of running. He explains that God made him fast and that when he runs he feels His pleasure. He goes on to say that not running would be like holding God in contempt. What is it that you are not doing that when you do it you feel timeless? What is it that you are putting off that when you are in the middle of it you know you are doing what only you can do in this world? When you feel these things can I suggest that you are very close to discovering the purpose of your life, even if what you are doing when you feel this way is at the moment just a hobby or a spare time activity.
I would like to leave you with this final thought. Everything that is made has a reason why it is here. Whether it is a car or a simple pen, everything is designed and made with a specific purpose in mind. So if a car and a pen which are less important than you have a reason for being here……then why are you here?
Pablo Giacopelli
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