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Fear by Pablo Giacopelli

By Pablo Giacopelli
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Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learn here.??All of us without exception have at one time or another in our lives experienced fear. Feeling fear is natural, if we didn't we would not be humans. The important thing is to understand what type of fear is upon us as there are many types, some healthy and of course some extremely unhealthy.
For example, if I went up to the top of a skyscraper and walked on the edge of it I would be right to feel fear. This type of fear is there to protect me and keep me alive. On the other hand if I went up to the last floor of the same building and sat inside an office, and every time I looked out the window I began to sweat uncontrollably because I felt like the building was collapsing under my feet, this would indicate that an unhealthy fear was at work within me and that something was wrong.
Those of us that choose to live in fear find the need to control and often manipulate events and situations in our lives in order to appease the fear within us. We learn to hold on tight to things by trying to control everything, thus leaving no room in our lives to be able to receive anything new or better. On the other hand those of us that choose to overcome our fears live from a place of love where we learn to hold on loosely to our lives and trust, by doing this we make room so we are able to receive new and better things along the journey we are in.
Fear can Cripple
Like in the video clip of one of the best movies I ever watched, fear if allowed, will cripple you and rob you of your very destiny. It will suck away your abilities and limit the reach and impact your life can have. Being governed by our fears is a choice we make in the same way that we make the choice to walk into them, overcome them, and move on. Life will often bring us to a place where we might have to confront our biggest fears. This can happen through the loss of a job, an amazing opportunity, or even loosing someone we depended on for everything. When this happens life is once again attempting to help us see that somewhere along the way we became stuck. The situation we are in is designed to show us where that offense took place, if we take the time to be still and listen. Dealing with these times properly will mean us recapturing the ground in our heart and life that we lost and being set free from the fear that was attached to it.
You see the key to overcoming fear is recognizing that it is trying to tell us something. Every time fear presents itself in any given moment or situation, we have a choice on how we respond. The feelings can sometimes be overwhelming, thus leading us to make the first mistake when dealing with it by choosing to ignore it or pretending it is not there. Unfortunately when we do this we give the very fear we are desperate to escape an even bigger stronghold over our lives. The opposite way to deal with it, which I believe leads to our freedom and healing is when we choose, despite feeling overwhelmed, to walk right into the fear and remain still and open. When we do this we will hear our heart showing us the very reason, episode, trauma, event, person, words, etc. that are responsible for keeping us captive and preventing us from progressing in our journey.
Stand Up to Your Fear
Successful high performance athletes are often thought of as people that have no fear. Nothing of course could be further from the truth. They like all of us are subject to the same fears, however like few of us they learn to feel the fear and still do what they do best. You see courage is resistance to fear, the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear. For those sports people that accomplish great feats you will find that most of them come to a place where they learn to enjoy taking the risks that challenge their biggest fears. Like the racing driver that learns to enjoy the risk of killing himself every time he gets in the car and drives on the edge, or the tennis player that learns to enjoy the risk of hitting a winner knowing that they might miss it, but then again they might make the great shot that is responsible for helping them stand above the rest.
I want to therefore encourage you today to stand up to your fear. Take back the ground in your heart and life that has been captured by a lie or a wound from the past. Have the courage to walk right into it and see what is really going on. There you will find that you might have to forgive someone or have to let go of a disappointment or even learn a new lesson by letting go of a lie or a false expectation. It will not be easy as some of us would have been living under this cloud for years, however know that once you have done the work you will be stronger and wiser and most important of all you will be free.
You can of course choose to remain captive but know that if you do, you will be surrendering yourself once again into False Evidence Appearing Real.
Always for you!
Pablo Giacopelli
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