Attracting Your Godly Spouse Series (E-Book/E-Workbook/E-Study Guide) by Jeremy Lopez
Attracting Your Godly Spouse Series (E-Book/E-Workbook/E-Study Guide) by Jeremy Lopez
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Relationship Package


Attracting Your Godly Spouse (E-Book) by Jeremy Lopez

Attracting Your Godly Spouse: A Study Guide For Finding Love (E-Book) by Jeremy Lopez

Attracting Your Godly Spouse: A Workbook in Attraction (E-Bookby Jeremy Lopez



This package is designed for those who desire a healthy, Godly relationship with their spouse or even their girlfriend or boyfriend. Jeremy will teach you how to work through difficulties, hang ups and just everyday differences. This series is a MUST for those who want to attract, have and manifest the heavenly spouse you want!  


Attracting Your Godly Spouse


by Jeremy Lopez

For millennia, mankind has harnessed the Heavenly power of the Law of Attraction to manifest desire. Now, in the very first book of its kind, new thought leader and world-renowned expert on the Law of Attraction Dr. Jeremy Lopez shares how the Heavenly power of attraction can be used to attract the love and romance you've been dreaming of. Are you tired of feeling isolated and alone? Are you ready to begin attracting more quality relationships into your life, in your search or love? Are you ready to begin enjoying the relationship of your dreams? Begin to harness the power of your own attraction to manifest the love of your life. Begin to become more attractive. Begin to view your relationships in a more exciting and adventurous way. 

Attraction Your Godly Spouse: 

A Study Guide For Finding Lasting Love


by Jeremy Lopez


Dr. Jeremy Lopez, considered by many to be one of the world's foremost leading authorities on the subject of the Law of Attraction, releases as a followup to his best-selling book "Attracting Your Godly Spouse" this comprehensive study guide as a companion to the best-seller. Including author's notes and additional techniques and principles not included in the original release, this comprehensive study guide is designed to help you harness your own creative, attractive power and draw into your life the love and relationships you've been dreaming of. Including the time-tested and proven strategies of Dr. Lopez, this study guide will serve as a valuable companion to his best-selling book and will aid in helping you enjoy the love and romance you truly deserve.


Attracting Your Godly Spouse: A Workbook In Attraction


by Jeremy Lopez 

Dr. Jeremy Lopez, one of the world's foremost leading authorities on the subject of the Law of Attraction, releases as the follow up to his best-selling book "Attracting Your Godly Spouse" the workbook as a companion to his smash hit. Learn to harness your own creative, attractive power in order to attract into your life the love and relationships of your dreams.

As a highly-anticipated follow up to his best-selling book "Attracting Your Godly Spouse," Dr. Jeremy Lopez releases the companion workbook as a tool to aid in attracting into your life the love and romance you've been dreaming of. This workbook, to be used in connection to the best-selling book, serves as a rigorous, eleven-day intensive training manual, with Dr. Lopez serving as your own personal guide and mentor every step along the way. By implementing the time-tested and proven strategies which Dr. Lopez has used with his clients for more than two decades, you will be inspired to harness your own creative power of attraction and will begin to draw into your life the relationships you've been dreaming of. In order to begin to raise your own creative, attractive power, you're going to have to take a long look in the mirror and discover all of the amazing qualities and gifts you truly possess. In "Attracting Your Godly Spouse: A Workbook in Attraction," Dr. Jeremy Lopez will instruct, encourage, and inspire you to begin to view all of your relationship connections in a much more powerful and spiritual way - through the eyes of the Creator.




 Dr Jeremy Lopez is Founder and President of Identity Network International and Now is Your Moment. Identity Network is one of the worlds largest prophetic resource websites that reach people around the globe and distributes ebooks, books, audio downloads, teaching CDs and DVDs. Jeremy has taught and prophesied to thousands of people from all walks of life such as churches, producers, investors, business owners, attorneys, city leaders and musicians around the world concerning areas such as financial breakthrough's, life-changing decisions and discovering your career


Dr Jeremy Lopez is an international teacher, life coach, dream coach and motivational speaker. Jeremy speaks on Biblical principles and universal kingdom laws. He has a love for all people and desires to enrich and empower them to be successful. Jeremy believes it is time to awaken the treasure within people to live out the victorious life that was meant for us.  His desire is to live a life filled with purpose, potential, and destiny.


This is accomplished through conferences, seminars and one on one life coaching sessions. He serves on many governing boards and speaks to business leaders across the globe. He has coached and prophesied to those such as President Shimon Peres of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Governor Bob Riley of Alabama, millionaires and so many others in the political field. He has travelled to many nations and has hosted and been a guest on several radio and TV programs from Indonesia to New York.  


He is the author of nationally published books and E-books, including his newest book, Creating Your Soul Map: Manifesting the Future You with a Vision BoardCreating With Your ThoughtsThe Universe is at Your Command, Abandoned to Divine DestinyThe Power of the Eternal NowReleasing the Power of the PropheticAwakening to ProsperityYou Were Born to be An EntrepreneurDivine Direction for Finding SuccessBirthing Forth Your Prophetic WordPower Attraction and many more! He also has many courses and schools such as School of the Law of AttractionSchool of Thought, Visualization and ImaginationSchool of Seers, Dreamers and VisionariesSchool of Financial Perception and Mental EconomicsSchool of the Prophets Complete CourseSchool of DreamologySchool of Awakening into Christ Consciousness and many more!


Jeremy has been recognized by many leaders around the nation.



Jeremy Lopez is an entrepreneur, successful dream and life coach, motivational speaker, humanitarian and teacher. His love and passion for discovering and teaching people how to release the mindsets that holds them back from achieving their fullest potential is what drives him and gives his life purpose and meaning.


In the last 10 years he has grown successful companies and written 27 great selling books.


Thousands of ministers, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide are currently using his life coaching techniques to develop unstoppable confidence and certainly in achieving their vision, business goals and personal best.


Today Jeremy teaches, consults and coaches extensively around the world and sees life-changing results including breaking free of doubts, fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence and certainty, etc.


As an inspirational and motivational speaker Jeremy focuses on:

  • Strategic Investments

  • Business Growth Consultant

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Processes

  • Life changing goals

  • Many other avenues and points


Endorsements for Jeremy Lopez:


You are put on this earth with incredible potential and a divine destiny. This powerful, practical man shows you how to tap into powers you didn't even know you had.

Brian Tracy, Author, The Power of Self-Confidence



Within 'Creating with Your Thoughts,' Jeremy dives deep into the power of consciousness and shows us that we can create a world where the champion within us can shine and how we can manifest our deepest desires to live a life of fulfillment. A must read!

- Greg S. Reid- Forbes and Inc top rated Keynote Speaker


Jeremy Lopez has a true desire to help people connect with God through the Holy Spirit. His unique ability to communicate with simplicity is needed in the Church today. I highly recommend his ministry and training resources. - Doug Addison, InLight Connection



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