The Prophetic: Bringing Heaven's Message to Earth's Attention (Book) by A.R. Knapp
The Prophetic: Bringing Heaven's Message to Earth's Attention (Book) by A.R. Knapp
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In The Prophetic: Bringing Heaven's Message to Earth's Attention, readers have a comprehensive guide for the proper use of one of the most powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is a composition that will stand the test of time and will be a modern-day classic. Through the over-whelming use of scriptural passages from throughout the Bible, A.R. Knapp establishes a practical and biblical framework for the healthy and orderly operation of the prophetic in the church of today. Knapp carefully describes the various aspects of prophecy; demonstrating the difference between prophetic expression, prophetic gifting, and the office of the prophet. He then writes a cover-to-cover exposition of prophets in the Old and New Testaments, upholding Jesus Christ as the ultimate example of what a prophet should be. Knapp skillfully addresses modern day abuses and falsehoods that detract from the credibility of this magnificent gift to the church of Jesus Christ, and calls for a deeper level of accountability among those that would claim to speak on behalf of God. He rounds out the discussion with biblical prophetic expectations, prophetic guard rails to guard against abuses, and advice on prophetic protocol. Whether you are a theologian, a pastor, a layperson, or just curious about prophecy in general, The Prophetic will give you practical wisdom and insight from a completely biblical foundation. If you have been wounded by prophecy, or those who espouse themselves to be prophets, you are encouraged to take this journey to recovery with A.R. Knapp as he presents a healthy perspective to what is a very important topic to the church in these days.

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