The Church Triumphant at the End of the Age (PDF Download) by Nate Krupp
The Church Triumphant at the End of the Age (PDF Download) by Nate Krupp
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The Church Triumphant at the End of the Age offers a victorious glimpse of His Bride in these Last Days.  It is GOD working among His people as characterized by revival, restoration, unity, world evangelization, and persecution.  The purpose of this book is to prepare all believers to rise up, touch their world with the Good News of Jesus, and share His glory throughout the earth.
"I have had a close-up look at this man and his ministry and can heartily endorse it.  May God use this book to encourage His Church to do great exploits and triumphantly bring back the King!"
– Loren Cunningham, Founder,
Youth with a Mission International

 "Few books have dared to document so fully the incredible ways in which God has been working in His Church. It should be required reading for any world-Christian."                               
– Jay Gary, Past Executive Editor,
World Christian Magazine

"Two underlying themes of this book are:  (1) We may expect a major, worldwide revival in coming years which will immediately precede Christ's second coming, and (2) God has been progressively restoring the Church to the New Testament model, particularly in the last few centuries."
– Dr. Howard A. Snyder,

Author of Radical Renewal: The Problem of Wineskins Today
"Nate Krupp has produced a major work which, if used as a text, can provide superb training for the harvesters."
– Dr. C. Peter Wagner,
World renowned Missiologist, and Church growth expert

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