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Deep Calleth Unto Deep
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The Tree of Life: Your Source
The Power of Worship
It's Time to Leave the Shore
Lift Up Your Countenance
Moving Out of the Box and Loving People Where They Are
The Power To Be Me
Walking in Your Destiny
God's Divine Protection
The Power of Faith

The Power of the Mind

Getting Out Of Debt

God, What Do You Want Me To do?

Enough Is Enough
Arise and Conquer
You are a Pearl of Great Price

God's Ultimate Peace

Christmas Message from Jeremy Lopez & Identity Network

Talk Yourself Happy

Live Your Dreams and Visions

Universal Law of Money and Success

The Day Love Was Born
Confronting Obstacles
Identity Network Teaching Sets
The Journey of Who I Am Part 2
The Journey of Who I Am
Knowing Your Season
Stirring up the Gifts
The Power of Love
You Are Somebody Special
The Sky is the Limit
What is the Prophetic?
 The Laws of Financial Progression
How to Find Your Identity
How to Create Your Day Part 3
How to Create Your Day Part 2
How to Create Your Day Part 1
Take a Leap of Faith
Purging to Promotion Part 3
Purging to Promotion Part 2
Purging to Promotion Part 1
 Intro to Jeremy Lopez and Identity Network
Get Out of the Box
Prophecy Happens Now
The Power of Giving
The Power to Press Through
Awakening to Our Descent
The Power of Faith
The Power of God's Love
The Power to Create is in You


Don't be a One Hit Wonder
Reposition Yourself

Now is the Time to Give Birth
You are Pregnant!
 Christmas Message from Jeremy Lopez
 Possessing a Vision
Revealing the Hand of God for Ministry 
 The Power of the Eternal Now
 Law of Attraction Part 1
 Law of Attraction Part 2
 Law of Attraction Part 3
Law of Attraction Part 4 
 Law of Attraction Part 5
 Generational Anointing - 100 Fold Mantle
 The David Generation
 The Mantles of Elijah & Elisha





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