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John T. Post
April 26, 2013
I think many can already recognize the accuracy of Jeremy's prophetic words. However, what is very significant about his gifting is the amount of information he is able to communicate in a limited amount of time. Blessings to you brother and all that receive this ministry in faith!
sherry M. Post
April 19, 2013
I was so busy in the year 2012 with my elderly father, keeping him in places he needed to be and helping him that I had not paid a lot of attention to this word. But the last few days I listened intently and everything has happened as the Word of the Lord has said.
Benjamin K. Post
April 10, 2013
My wife and myself tried out the audio cassette prophecy requests about 5 years ago and were blessed by the prophetic words shared by Jeremy. Early this year, we requested personal prophecies for each of us again and we were once again tremendously blessed as God has again spoken through Jeremy to us. Jeremy is a blessing to the body of Christ and you can just experience the sweet dedication and commitment of Jeremy to the Lord when you listen to the prophecies.

We pray that God will continue to watch over His servant and the ministry He is doing and grant him deeper insights into the realms of God for the edification of the body of Christ. May the Lord continually be Jeremy's strength and bless Jeremy with supernatural favors at all times. Amen.
Sharon S. Post
April 10, 2013
I had a 30-minute life-coaching session with Jeremy yesterday. I was so looking forward to it and I was not disappointed. The Holy Spirit used him to confirm several things to me and also provide me with instruction. I am always amazed at his beautiful gift and his beautiful spirit. He is truly a gift from God to the Body of Christ. He helped me to understand my purpose and path. I can't wait until my next session. Thanks so much, Jeremy.
Also, Jeremy has such an efficient and kind customer service team. They are such a blessing and joy to deal with. God Bless You, Identity Network!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 5, 2013
Jeremy gave me an awesome word the week before Easter. It was so anointed and it made me so hungry for more. I just was overwhelmed with joy. I signed up for some of the life-coaching sessions and am so looking forward to it. God is so good. Jeremy has given me words in the past and he really packs a lot into just a few minutes...lol
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 28, 2013
I received a prophetic word from Jeremy Lopez two days ago. I would like to say that the prophecy has truly set me free from unnecessary burdens that I've been carrying within me and got me excited about the things that God has spoken to me about my wonderful future. Every word that he has spoken about my past and present were accurate. He is a true prophet of God. He also delivers the prophecy in a loving way and soothing voice that makes me want to listen to it over and over and over again. What a tremendous blessing he is to the Body of Christ!
ellen n. Post
March 4, 2013
First and foremost,I want to thank Daddy for his faithfulness...I would then like to thank Identity Network and Dr. Lopez for being there, and being a shining light in a place of uncertainty for me.. A place where I was seeking Daddy and his heart thoughts for my life and the direction that I needed to go..I for so many years have loved daddy and hungered and thirst for him but couldnt get past "this place" in my life and the prophetic word I received has been breaking off things that I have carried since I was a little girl.. I thank daddy for reassuring us of his plans and purposes and allowing us to know that its never to late to "become" all that he has for us..I would also encourage you to do a life coaching session with Dr. lopez as it gave me a greater insight into the prophetic word that was released. I thank Dr. Lopez for his passion and love of Daddy and his geniune love for all people..Thank you again, Ellen
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 31, 2013
Jeremy really has blessed me through 2 prophetic words and a life coaching session that I had just a couple days ago. I don't know that I could have shared what I shared with him with anyone else and have the kind of response I received. I was totally set free from something and when he was encouraging me to do the life coaching he said to me something like "who knows, maybe something said is gonna totally set you free." That's just what happened. I totally recommend his ministry; he is incredible. Thanks!
Leonie-Marie M. Post
August 14, 2012
I have recieved a couple of words from Jeremy. One I recieved changed my life, as his words "the fruit of your labor..." birthed in me a belief in myself that if I applied myself seriously enough I could break through in a certain area of skill learning that I needed to Master, and I did! It was such hard work, but I continued to believe in the prophecy, and I now have it! It was the way he said the words, he had such belief in me! Thanks.
Kelly-Jo R. Post
June 22, 2012
Hello Jeremy,
I have been receiving prophecies from you for almost two years now. I asked the Lord if it might be a good thing to 'try' you out after I graduated from an international ministry school. I wanted to stay encouraged and use the gifts God has given to the body. So, I didn't hear a 'no' from God and one day decided to request a word from you.
I was in awe as tears streamed down my face at the things your voice was saying over the mp3 audio. I had never done anything like this before over the computer and it was hard to contain myself as your words flowed out and spoke of such personal things about me.
Well, it's been two years and I sense about every four to six months to request another word. I have six prophecies from you in total, and each one seems to build on the previous one. Once you even spoke very unique words that are part of a very specific and important poem that God gave me to write years ago...your prophecies were very specific and detailed over my life.
The past two have been directed towards business, which at the time I was not in at all. And you mentioned my voice being used in my town and even in broader areas. You said I was destined, from my pit life, to go to the pinnacle(paraphrasing here). Well, I am writing to tell you, that your prophecies were used to help me keep hope and hold on dearly and trust because of how God was using them in such detail to encourage me.
The past four months of my life this is what has happened-I was called by CNN to do a ministry interview...completely a shock as I had no media connections whatsoever and no career to speak of in any manner. Then, I was selected to go on a the world's longest running and most watched game show in history(which I will win money at due to the fact that no one leaves empty handed). I only auditioned because I heard a small voice say, this is not a gambling show(I won't gamble) so go for the audition. They had to draw names out of 600 people just to get the chance to audition and I just "knew" they would draw my name, and they did. Two months later I had survived all four auditions, and was selected for the show.
I also had the courage to interview for a journalism job as a reviewer for restaurants for a very positive upbeat newspaper. Now I write a column for a paper with a circulation of over 250,000 people in a very popular county in the USA. I had always wanted to be a writer since I was 15 but never was able to do it before.
Then, within a week or two, I received an anonymous grant for a full time fitness school, one of the best in the country, which included housing(I am currently enrolled) and THEN, if that wasn't enough...
I was chosen by two very, very successful women to be coached, one of nine women, by them to market and distribute a very effective nutritional product, that is soon becoming known around the globe but is still new, with lots of need to market. It seems every where I go people are asking about the product and are ordering from me. The women are coaching me daily in person and by phone to create great wealth(one is an international author of motivational books and is a Christian-but I knew nothing of this when I went on a 'blind' interview to meet them), as they already have themselves.(in the millions). You told me in one prophecy that I have what it takes in business due to my principles ,etc. and I never dreamed I would be in this position in a millon years.
I am in awe that this shift in my life, from no career, just sort of waiting on God at age for over two decades, coming from a traumatic childhood with no past ability to create my life due to having to put every once of my energy into healing(never married yet, no income built, etc)...is catapulting me to heights I used to only dream about.
I have been in love with God since I was a girl and have prayed for years, given, sacrificed and sought Him. But did't have any real earthly life. Your prophecies seemed to stabilize and prepare me for great things to come, and I chose to believe that my time was coming so when I started getting these phone calls out of the blue, literally, I didn't doubt and I walked through the doors and had the courage to open them the more they came. I am truly a Cinderella story in the making and I am totally floored that this is really happening...your gift of prophecy gave me hope through tears and heart wrenching sobs just two years ago(that started over 20 years ago). And the encouragement and loving warnings you gave were so very accurate.
In addition, now men are showing up in my life in droves, asking to court me. You never said anything about that, but it was a deep cry of my heart. Now, I am able to be very selective and have met some very handsome, successful conservative yet creative Christian men who have been relentless in pursuing me. I even created a document called a Declaration of Courtship during one of them to bring to my church. You had said I was going to invent things(entreprenureship). I get the feeling all of this is only the beginning. My biggest gratitude is that I can help other's one day.
I know this is long, but I just had to share with you Jeremy as it's been on my heart for quite some time. Whether you post this or not doesn't matter to me, I just had to share what your gift as done during what I know is a monumental time in my life.
And to think that I just may be able to, in the near future, sign up for some personal life coaching with you because I may actually have 'money in the bank'. For me, it's not about the money, but thinking that God is setting me up for His good work is just overwhelming. Your prophecies made all the difference. Thank you for your using your gifts.

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