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CCovenant Relationships : A Handbook for Integrity and Loyalty (E-Book PDF Download) by Asher Intrater - Click To Enlarge
Covenant Relationships : A Handbook for Integrity and Loyalty (E-Book PDF Download) by Asher Intrater
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Discover the Biblical Blueprint for Building Relationships that Last!
Even though the topic of relationships is very popular, few individuals ever reach the point of building deep, lasting, and meaningful bonds with others. Why do our connections with other people seem to stay superficial and never go beyond the surface-level? Because we've drifted away from the Biblical blueprint of what covenant relationships are intended to look like.
In this revised and updated edition of Asher Intrater's classic, Covenant Relationships, you will receive time-tested practical keys that show you how to build relationships that:
Are spiritually and emotionally fulfilling for everyone involved.
Remain intact and solid, even in the middle of conflict and disagreement.
Reflect the timeless values outlined in Scripture.
Free people to truly be known by and share life with others.
Relationships are the meaning of life!
It's time to move past the popular "take-it or leave-it" approach and build deep connections based on loyalty, authenticity and covenant.
For God's people to rise up and walk in new dimensions of love and effectiveness, we must be knit together in covenant relationships!
About the Author
Keith Asher Intrater is the pastor of El Shaddai, a Messianic Jewish congregation, and serves as principle of Montgomery County Covenant Academy, a Christian junior-senior high school. He holds a B.A. degree from Harvard College, an M.A. from Baltimore Hebrew College, and an M.M.S. from Messiah Yeshiva. Keith and his wife Betty live with their three children in Frederick, Maryland. His messages combine an emphasis on covenant relationships, word of faith, and a Jewish perspective of the Scriptures.

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Covenant Relationships: A Handbook for Integrity and Loyalty (Book) by Asher Intrater
Asher Intrater
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