Season of Fruitfulness: Prophetic Word for 2016 by Todd Bentley

By Todd Bentley
The Genesis Effect
Evolving into What God Created You to Be
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The Lord has given me a word going into 2016. The message I have been bringing the last couple of months is agree with the decree. You must hear what heaven is saying and echo and speak and decree that here. You have to be moved by what you hear. Regardless of circumstances and situations you have to agree with that decree.
I woke up from a dream recently and the Lord was speaking to me about seasons and He gave me a caution. I felt He said do not let people judge the season that you are in based on the season they believe they are in or they believe the church is in. You are free to be in whatever season the Lord has you in.
Your season may be contrary to the rest of what is going on around you. The Lord said the season you are going to be in is three big words abundance, overflow, and fruitfulness. The fruitfulness only comes after cutting back the vine. God cuts back and prunes the branches and only then can much fruit come forth. It is one thing to bear fruit, but the Lord is glorified in much fruit. We are moving from fruit to much fruit.
I see the end of pruning and cutting away, so that much fruit can come forth. Regardless of what you see happening in the natural, you have to claim the word of the Lord which is abundance, overflow, and fruitfulness.
Season of Abundance
The Lord began to speak to me about coming into a new beginning in 2015. I received a word about a boomerang coming back full circle, coming back to possess what you lost 7 years ago. Eight means new beginnings. So full restoration is coming back. Deuteronomy 15:1, at the end of every 7 years I am going to grant to you the release of every debt and bondage.
I started prophesying in January 2015 that by the end of 2015, I would be exactly double - double souls, double staff, double resources, double ministry. Our ministry has nearly doubled in every area because I have been standing in agreement with the decree that this is a double portion time. As a prophetic voice I get to model my very own message. Now the Lord said it is ready to release to the people what I have worked through in my own spirit.
I saw the wind of God breath on resources for construction and building, like a tornado of resources, on building. The Lord was blessing like a boom. Some people in the most severe famine sow the best seed. We have got to agree with the decree. It is not the time to look at stocks and numbers. It is the time to hear from heaven. It doesn't seem to be the time in America for abundance, overflow, and fruitfulness, but I am experiencing this in my own life.
Redeeming Time
I want to talk about redeeming the time. In Ephesians 5 Paul is speaking about redeeming the time. I want to come into agreement with what heaven is saying. Echoing the decree. Ephesians 5:8, "You were once darkness but you are now light in the Lord. Walk as children of the light. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. All things are exposed, therefore, awake." This is a call to revival and resurrection. Rise up out of apathy and complacency. Then Christ will give you life. "See that you walk wisely, not as fools, but wise. Redeeming the time because the days are evil. Do not be unwise but understanding."
Understand the will of God for your life. He is revealing His purpose and destiny. We need to understand what God's word is to us do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit. The Lord said you know you can redeem time. How do you redeem lost time? When you understand predestination, that before the foundation of the world was laid the Lamb was slain, in the realm of eternity, all your promises are done. In the realm of eternity, God has made provision for everything you need to walk in what He has called you to walk in.
C.S. Lewis said about redeeming the time, "We can actually buy back times in our past when we have felt abandoned, abused, betrayed, and fearful. We as believers can not only be forgiven of our past but we can travel back in time with God and see God as an ever present help in that situation in the future."
Hebrews 6:5, "We can taste of the powers of the age to come." We have not experienced kingdom fullness. There is a kingdom that is at hand and a fullness of the kingdom coming. God does things in a dispensation of time.
How many of you understand that a prophetic word not only gives you hope and promise, but it has the ability to pull you into the future message that has already come to pass? It is a creative prophetic word that literally calls forth things that are in the realm of eternity. You create with your prophecy, you have an ability to pull people into their future potential and connect them to their future. You literally can pull the timetable of your destiny that has already happened and pull it into your understanding of time
The whole idea of redeeming the time is understanding what the will of the Lord is. How many feel like you lost time and missed the opportunity of grace due to foolishness or sin with the idea we have to get back on the highway of holiness and start all over again? When you get back on the path of the highway, you get back on right where you got off and don't have to start all over again.
The Lord showed me the story of the prodigal son. Not only did he see the son afar off and kissed him and embraced him, but the son had squandered away his inheritance. Have you ever felt you squandered away something God gave you and you came to your senses and said I have to go back to the Father? The father said, let's give him the robe and ring. The ring and the robe are a sign of authority and position. He said let's give him back the inheritance. Redemption has to do with the recovery of what was lost. The ransomed price, the blood, the precious price that was paid for you to be bought back in every area that you were a slave.
The Lord spoke to me one time and said it is all choice. You can choose life and blessing, or death and cursing. You can chose to be free and live in the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, or you can chose to live in that bondage and believe you can never be free. Ephesians 1:7, we have the forgiveness of sin and the redemption by His blood. How many of you understand He is still redeeming? Some of you have accepted forgiveness, but you didn't get your ring or robe back. You never let the Lord complete the story of the prodigal son or daughter and bring you back into the fullness. You get forgiveness and redemption. You get the chance to get the ring and robe and go back and do what the Lord called you to do.
Proclaim Liberty!
Isaiah 61:1 says the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because...let's remember the purpose of the anointing. Why do we have the anointing come on us in this moment? We are anointed to proclaim, not ask God for freedom. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me to proclaim liberty. Command those that are oppressed to be free. Liberty means jubilee. The Spirit of God is upon me to proclaim jubilee. Jesus is the one who proclaimed the liberty of God and we have been sent into the world to do the works that Christ did. Isaiah 61:2 says, He has anointed me to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. The anointing's purpose is for me to prophesy over you the acceptable year of the Lord's favor and then you will start walking that favor. That word that is translated as acceptable year of the Lord's favor is jubilee. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim, decree, and prophesy you into the acceptable year, not moment, but how about a whole year abundance, overflow, and fruitfulness.
There was a place Jesus said My people are robbed and plundered, trapped in caves, because no one says, restore. Isaiah 42:22. The Lord was speaking to me about the true nature of jubilee working with redemption and restoration. What would happen if someone said restore? The Spirit of Lord is upon you and has anointed you so you can proclaim jubilee into people's lives and release the jubilee blessing. Then it goes on to say that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim the day of the vengeance of our God. How do you proclaim the day of the vengeance of our God? That word means the justice. That's why we have the anointing, to proclaim every area that there has been injustice that His justice will show up - that's His righteousness. In Christ I have come to proclaim liberty to every area you are captive. This is going to be the time of walking in the jubilee.
Jubilee is Abundance
How many of you have a case with the devil? God said to state your case about your sins. I have acquitted you. I have pardoned you. I have justified you. That is the language used here for redemption. I believe God wants things to be so at rest and settled in order to make room for the oil and receive the whole new thing God is doing. He has pruned and cut away so that He has made room to fill you with the new. Whatever you bring to the altar, do not pick it up again. This is part of the jubilee. Jubilee is abundance. It is a celebration and joy and release.
I believe that if you allow the Lord to increase and enable your thinking, little by little you will be in double where you are today and have no debt. Just take it by His provision. I believe God is going to cancel and forgive your debt because it is the will of God in Christ. We can proclaim the acceptable year and come into it. Others are proclaiming fear, judgment, anxiety; you need to begin to hear what heaven is saying. I am going to hear God for myself and my own inner compass. We are moving in the time where are can only be led by the voice and Spirit of God. Let's step into the new thing.
Todd Bentley